The Fifth in the Region

A Gathering of Old Friends

Timothy Fok's Finest Moment

East Asian Games 2009
The East Asian Games are a multi-sports competition between nine countries - ranging from the sporting powerhouses of China, Japan and Korea to the smaller nations of the region like Hong Kong and Macau.  Timothy Fok, the IOC's delegate from Hong Kong and Chairman of the EAG Organising Committee, asked Ric Birch to advise him on the ceremonies and Ric had many enjoyable visits to Hong Kong to develop the content and protocols for the event. Timothy knew from the outset that he wanted the Harbour as the background to the Opening Ceremony rather than a stadium, which represents a significant departure from previous Games. Birch was able to share his years of experience in creating large events on Sydney Harbour with the EAG organisers and then worked with old friends from Beijing 2008 Olympics, production company Beijing Bei Ao, producer Lu Jiankang and creative director Chen Weiya, to see it happen in December 2009
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