A very big celebration in the world's biggest city

Concerts, a Parade, El Grito, and of course a huge pyrotechnic show

A night to remember after years of preparation

The Bicentennial of Mexican Independence
Early in 2009, Ric Birch went to Mexico City to start planning the celebrations that were eventually seen on the night of 15 September 2010, televised live throughout North and South America, Europe and China.  The event took place simultaneously in five locations and combined three massive concert stages in the heart of the city, a parade of 7,000 performers and 47 floats that took more than two hours to make its way along Avenida de la Reforma toward the Zocalo - heart of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec civilization.  In the Zocalo, another three major performances were staged before President Calderon announced to a capacity crowd El Grito (the Shout) evoking shouts of ¡Viva! by the crowd to the names of the heroes of Independence, culminating in the triple cry of ¡Viva Mexico!  Birch brought Marco Balich, his creative partner from Milan, to act as producer for the event which drew on the imagination, ideas and creativity of twenty-five outstanding Mexican directors, designers, choreographers, artists and writers.  Eventually more than 400 staff and 7,000 volunteer performers worked with the creative team to present the greatest show that Mexico has seen in a very long while.  A couple of weeks later, President Calderon publicly thanked the volunteers for their contribution and public spirit and his voice was drowned out by cries of ¡Un Otro! ¡Un Otro! (Another One!)
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